Enrichment Program


Enrichment Activities for Foster Youth

Agape Villages recognizes there are many talented foster children who are unable to develop their creativity because of lack of resources, and this program is designed to intervene.

The Enrichment Program is made available to all of the foster children we serve ages 2 to 21 to enhance their quality of life through positive enrichment activities. Agape Villages underwrites a portion of the cost of extracurricular activities in the areas of music, art, dance, church youth group, summer camp, karate, gymnastics, horseback riding & sports for foster youth. Participation in these enrichment activities stimulates social skills, enhances self-esteem and increases motivation for learning and creativity.

The true beauty of the enrichment activities is that it lets foster children know they are valued. It also provides them with a sense of normalcy that too often is lacking in their lives. Foster families are able to benefit as well, as the program includes opportunities for families to attend various sporting events, theatrical and musical productions, classical performances, and more.

Agape Villages makes all arrangements for private classes, and provides materials needed. We are continually partnering with those who will provide activities to enrich the lives of our foster children.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Guitar/Instrument lessons
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Gymnastics
  • Sports
  • Karate
  • Art classes
  • Summer camps
  • Dance Lessons
  • Teen Girls’ Group (meets monthly)

Monthly Evaluation forms completed by the parents & instructors monitor the success of each child participating in an enrichment activity. Success in school as well as behavioral, social and emotional progress are tracked by agency staff and social workers.

For more information regarding the Agape Villages Enrichment Program for Foster Youth or to make a donation in support of this program, please contact:

Lisa Foster
Office Manager
Email: lfoster@agapevillages.org
Phone: 209-824-5365