The problem of finding foster homes is at a crisis level. There just aren’t enough families stepping forward to provide the foster family experience. Our agency continually has to turn children away because we do not have foster family homes available.

Children in foster care are in desperate need of a stable, loving home where they can be nurtured and begin to realize their full potential. Agape Villages is seeking foster families who feel equipped to provide that kind of environment to a foster child.

Agape Villages foster families have an incredible impact on the lives of the children placed with them. Some of our families go on to adopt their foster children, while others become lifelong sources of support and encouragement for children after they are reunified or emancipate from the system.

Foster Family FAQ’s

Q: Who can be a foster parent?

Q: What requirements do foster parents have to have?

Q: What types of families can do foster care?

Q: Must I own a home?

Q: What is the time commitment for pre-service training?

Q: What documents will I need to provide to the Agency?

Q: How can I prepare for the home inspection?

Q: What are the guidelines for children sharing a room?

Q: What are the stipulations about transporting children?

Q: What out-of-pocket costs will there be during the certification process?

Q: How long will this process take?

Q: After we are certified, what support can we expect from the agency?

Q: Where is Agape Villages located?

Q: How can I get started and become a foster parent?