2nd Annual Carnival in San Leandro

The Agape Villages carnival was held at the Principled Academy School in San Leandro on September 22nd. We had a well-rounded group of folks and kids attend who were representative of the community. Carnival rides were provided by “Fun and Games” and included a tea-cup ride, train ride, jumping house and a dunk tank. Games were donated, by the Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scouts” project, which included a bean bag toss, golf game, and several other competitive games that provided stuffed animals for game winners.
The San Leandro Times, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, Davis Street Community Services, and the Principled Academy helped publicize our event to the community. Thank you to Isaac Durst, for hosting our carnival location and helping us to get the word out in the community. Thank you to Alberto, who is an exchange student all the way from Spain, and who helped us all day long by making snow cones, and to Jorge Gomez of USGA, Inc who donated all of the hot dogs and buns, and to Kevin and Michael Youngblood of USGA, Inc. who donated their time, equipment and participated in helping with the games, set up and clean up. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

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Milo – Staff Spotlight

Milo is our therapy dog and mascot, who has been with Agape for 5 years. He supports staff and comforts children. His favorite part of the job is making lots of new friends. His favorite food is hot dogs, and his hobbies include playing fetch, and going for walks. There has never been a person that Milo hasn’t liked, he is friends with kids, foster parents, and our staff!

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Examine Our Hearts

Recently I have been having a few abnormalities with my heart. It has caused me to have less energy, some dizziness, and rapid heart beats. To help diagnose the best course of action to take, my doctor has ordered me to wear a heart monitor for a few weeks. It started me thinking about the “hearts” and motivations of people.

Sometimes when our hearts and minds aren’t functioning properly, our performance and actions are affected. Periodically we all need to examine our “hearts” to check to see if we are focusing too much on ourselves or if we are using our talents, time, and finances to help others.

If you would like to share the good things you’ve been blessed with, I just happen to know some disadvantaged little ones you could help. So, if your “heart monitor” is telling you to reach out more to others, call Agape today. You will feel so healthy if you do.

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Courtney McAlister – Staff Spotlight

Courtney McAlister is not only an incredible wife and mama she is also is a very important member of Agape! She is our Social worker supervisor, she helps find placements for kids being put into foster care and provides training and support to the other social workers. Her heart is huge and she is extremely dedicated to helping families and kids in need! Courtney we are so thankful for YOU!!

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

We are so thankful for everyone who participated in the contest to help us build our digital presence! Juliana P. was the name we picked and will be receiving a $25 gift card. Please share us with friends and family who may be interested in becoming foster parents or supporting us! Thanks!

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Helping A Little Girl Who Is Hurting

Grace, a 6 year old girl, has had a difficult life so far. Prior to coming to Agape Villages, she was in foster care and subsequently reunified with her mother early last year.

Unfortunately, her mother continued struggling with a substance abuse problem and was unable to follow the safety plan required for caring for Grace. Her father was out of the home and was a registered sex offender.

Grace was then placed in foster care with Agape Villages with one of our single parent resource families. At first, Grace was very quiet, cried a lot (especially to see her mother), and would eat very little. Agape Social Worker, Courtney McAlister, was able to arrange counseling ser- vices for Grace to help with her adjustments. We are pleased to report that after several months, Grace is doing much better. She is happy, loves her foster mother whom she calls “Grandma,” and is gaining weight.

We continue to work with the referring County Department of Social Services as efforts are made to work out a permanency plan for Grace.

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14th Annual Fairways Fore Foster Kids

Golfing, Games, BBQ, Prizes, Raffle, Auction, Driving Range & Dinner at Chez Shari! Join us for a whole day’s events! The 14th Annual Fairways Fore Foster Kids Golf Tournament will be on October 26, 11am at Manteca Golf Course.

Do you want to show off your putting game? Can you drive the ball long? Are you accurate? Show off your skills for a chance at prizes, including a brand new car from American Chevrolet with a hole in one.

If you’re not much of a golfer, you can still help us with this event. Contact Us at the Manteca office if you want to provide items for the Raffle and Auction. Or if your business would like to sponsor us, you can sign up to do so here.

We put on events like this so we can benefit the kids in foster care that our agency helps. We look forward to seeing you October 26!

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An Eagle Scout Project For Our Carnival

Last year we put on our first Carnival in San Leandro. It was so much fun for all those that attended that we wanted to do it again this year. Our 2nd Annual Carnival in San Leandro on September 22 will feature food, games, rides, a photo booth and so much more! This year we were so fortunate to have an eagle scout, Jeston Bond, offer their services to build some games for us as their eagle scout project.

Jeston spent 200 hours and his own money to build some amazing quality games, including plinko, mini golf, and cornhole. These games required planning and multiple steps to create. He built the games from raw wood, cutting, sanding, painting and applying the lettering. Over the months he invested into these games, he had to work through rain and heat going up to 108 degrees.

We’re looking forward to a great Carnival in September, thank you Jeston for all your hard work and time!

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A Tale of Two Boys—Family Secured

An all-too-typical story. 2 teen brothers. Biological mom on drugs. Biological dad in prison. The boys moved between family members, city to city. Not going to school. Finally CPS was called.

The boys were in several foster homes and then came to one of Agape’s wonderful foster homes. It took a little while, but the boys are doing well in school. They are involved in sports. They have part-time jobs. They are typical kids. Their foster mom is now their legal guardian.

The boys have found their family. Agape foster mom says, “Agape Social Worker Courtney McAlister has been an excellent social worker. So supportive. The children’s attorney has been very good also. Courtney made the difference. I am very pleased with Agape.”

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Backpack Donations to Davis Street

When we have donations beyond what we can give out, we work with other organizations in the community to make sure the items are given to people in need.

We just donated a few unused back packs and duffel bags to Davis Street, an organization with a great mission. They help people with low income in the Eden area and surrounding communities to improve their quality of life.

Here are two of our staff members, Mara and Eddie, with Daniel Johnson, the Operations Director, as the donations are being handed over.

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